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Welcome! We offer customized Spanish learning programs through individual classes via Zoom or Google Meet. Flexible scheduling.

Does this resonate with you?...

You have experimented with different avenues for learning Spanish: apps, language programs, youtube channels offering dialogues and grammar explanations, movies with subtitles...You make some progress, happens. You shelve it for a while, lose momentum, start all over.

It's understandable, and easy for this to happen. Let's move beyond these road blocks and dead ends. I will help you reinforce what you've  gained and increase your fluency to a conversational level.

You can already hold a conversation and wish to elevate your existing conversational skills.

You will improve your level of proficiency and expand your vocabulary for common situations in everyday life, while working on mastering your pronunciation as well as listening comprehension while discussing topics that interest you.

You will be spending time in a Spanish speaking country.

I will teach you ways to prepare for situations in which you will need to communicate and operate successfully. This program will help you navigate through the likely cultural differences you will face.


What Spanish BeSpoke Can Offer you:

Bespoke programs: tailored to your needs and goals

Convenience: flexible schedule

Engaging material: your interests will be incorporated into activities to make learning fun!

Availability: email responses if help needed

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