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¿Por qué
Spanish BeSpoke?

There is a tangled web of resources available online which can be steppingstones to communicating in Spanish, depending on your learning style and goals. If this is the case, why choose Bespoke?


Bespoke will tailor a program based on your personal or professional needs, merging these existing resources with effective teaching practices and techniques. With your input, a plan will be developed that is best suited to your learning style, time and level of commitment. 

  • Why do you want to learn Spanish?

  • How much time will you invest each week beyond our sessions?

  • What do you hope to accomplish?

Bespoke offers individualized programs that are optimized for achieving a path to conversational proficiency while incorporating useful grammar, vocabulary that speaks to your interests, and idiomatic expressions. You will learn to recognize cognates and apply patterns to help improve your understanding of Spanish and increase your confidence to engage in conversations with Spanish speakers. 

In other words, we develop a program bespoke for you.

Most importantly, I will inspire you to be invested in your own learning so that your progress doesn't stop when your class sessions end. You will also be sent a lesson plan prior to your classes so that you can be prepared and familiar with the material to make the most out of class time.


You are an essential part of the equation and you will play a huge role in your success. There is no substitute for commitment.

And...when you understand Spanish speakers and are able to converse and connect with them in their native language, you will see how gratifying it can be! 

Schedule a free consultation below. ¡Habla conmigo!


  • Massachusetts professional teaching license. M.A.T. Spanish

  • 18 years teaching novice to advanced levels of Spanish in a public high school.

  • 2 years in Spain, living/studying/working/speaking/being immersed in the culture

  • 6 years working as crew on sailboat with Mexican family

  • My entire post-high school life as an avid Spanish learner

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